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In November 2013 Dubbo Jazz is  developing a  free mail chimp  newsletter you can receive regularly via you chosen email address.  If you wish to subscribe then complete the form you can find in the sidebar of this page.

Membership Newsletter

If you join Dubbo Jazz club you can get a copy of  The Club House | An occasional bugle from Dubbo Jazz.  The newsletter provides member updates on activity at Dubbo Jazz.

Past Newsletters commencing 2014 can be download here

June 2014 | 2014 Festival & program details | The Clubhouse Bugle

April 2014 | Outcome from AGM and New Committee | DJClubhouse_Bugle

May 2013 | Plans for 2013 festival some details | DJ_News

Jan 2013 | Welcome to 2013 | DJ_News_0113

Nov 2012 | New Committee elected | DJ_News _1112





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