Dubbo Jazz Club Objectives


Graeme Bell Legacy Concert The Dubbo Jazz Club Inc is a non-profit organisation with the following main objectives:

  • To advance the performance and appreciation of all forms of jazz in the Dubbo Region;
  • To increase our members and the public’s knowledge and understanding of the foundations and development of jazz music through imaginative promotions and programs;
  • To provide facilities for the participation of jazz musicians of all persuasions in jazz workshops and other activities;
  • To create an atmosphere favourable to increased public acceptance of jazz as one of the performing arts; To attract more musicians into the field of jazz music; To improve communications between and among jazz enthusiasts, musicians and the general public for the mutual benefit of all concerned;
  • To organise activities for its members and others in the presentation and promotion of jazz for their enjoyment in the form of festivals, concerts, dances, workshops, dinners and picnics;
  • To provide facilities for all jazz enthusiasts who are of the belief that jazz music should be defined in broad enough terms to include all eras, styles and musicians as representative of the definition; and
  • To raise funds and acquire property and to do all other things as may be necessary and proper to enable the Club to carry out its objects effectively.


The Beat Goes On!
PO Box 1711, Dubbo, NSW 2830