2014 Featured Bands

Now with performance times!

Here are some of the bands/musicians who will be here over the weekend of 15-17 August. Come back for regular updates. Listed alphabetical.

Andrew Farrell ‘The Wizard’

Andrew Farrell 2006

Andrew Farrell

Andrew Farrell – piano & vocals . He will be playing lots of jazz, blues and boogie woogie piano. The wizard is a flamboyant performer and very easy listening. He appeared at the Dubbo Jazz Festival in 2011. He has recently toured New Zealand, appeared at the Merimbula Jazz Festival and is on his way to the Noosa Jazz Festival. He has recently recorded his own CD and these will be on sale at the Festival for those of you that consider yourselves fans.  YouTube Video here

Show Times
Friday 15 August, 7.00-800pm Club Dubbo Basement
Saturday 16 August, 9.00-10.00pm Club Dubbo Lounge

Anita Harris & Friends

Anita Harris May 2013

Anita Harris

Anita Harris- vocalist, Kim Harris – piano, Tony Buckley – bass, Alan Richards – drums. Anita Harris, once described by the UK Jazz Journal as “delightfully creamy”, has been part of the Australian jazz scene for more than 2 decades. She first stepped onto the stage to perform to a jazz audience in 1993, and began an entertaining and celebrated musical journey. Performing in many private and public venues, jazz clubs and festivals, restaurants and wineries, it’s been a most enjoyable trip so far. Described by Australian Jazz Scene as “one of those very rare vocal stylists who have a wide appeal to a range of age groups and jazz preferences in her audiences”, one UK journalist wrote, “She has a strong fluid contralto which she employs to produce a delightfully creamy sound and she swings ably and effortlessly.” In the quartet setting, she is backed by more than 150 years of jazz experience: Kim Harris on piano, Alan Richards on drums and Tony Buckley on bass. YouTube video Here

Show Times
Friday 15 August, 8.00-9.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement
Saturday 16 August, 9.00-10.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement
Sunday 17 August, 4.00-5.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement

Chalkies Jazz Band

TIm Billiards & Stephen Smith At Dubbo Markets August 2014

Tim Billiards trumpet and Steve Smith tuba

 Greg Barker – drums, Tim Billiards – trumpet & backing vocals, Steve Smith – trombone, Greg Lange – bass, Katie Lange – piano, Allyn Smith – guitar, Carolyn Billiards – vocalist. Chalkies is a collection of music educators and musicians from Dubbo and Gilgandra who love to play a range of traditional and contemporary jazz. Chalkies is making their debut at this year’s Dubbo Jazz Festival.

Show Times
Friday 15 August, 5.00-6.00pm, Club Dubbo Jazz Basement
Saturday 16 August, 8.00-9.00pm, Club Dubbo Lounge
Sunday 17 August, 6.00-7.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement


 Conjunto Restante

Conjunto Restante

Conjunto Restante

Scott Temby – trumpet, Hugo Lee – sax, Josh Hart – trumpet, Clare Dawson – piano, Barnaby Briggs – bass, Lucy Ridge vocalist, Mark Levers – drums. Canberra born musician Scott Temby studies Bachelor of Music, ANU School of Music. He has played jazz festivals across the country with bands The Exceptions; Just Surgeons; Traxion, Blamey St. and Connexion Big Bands and Mark VI. Formed in 2013 Conjunto Restante means “remaining ensemble.”  Scott Temby, Hugo Lee, Josh Hart, Clare Dawson, Alec Coulson & Mark Levers, each highly successful musicians, team up to continue to make great music.

Show Times:
Saturday 16 August, 6.00-7.00pm, Dubbo Golf Club Auditorium
Sunday 17 August, 10.30-11.30am, Taronga Western Plains Zoo
Sunday 17 August, 5.00-6.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement  

 The Fedoras

The Fedoras

The Fedoras

Angela Lount – vocalist,Dan McLean – trumpet & flugelhorn, James Luke – double bass, Wayne Kelly – piano, Mark Sutton drums.  The Fedoras are made up of five of Canberra’s finest professional musicians. They have been performing regularly together for over 10 years. They perform a mixture of jazz and blues/Latin standards. Angela Lount performs with a smooth rich tonality that can explode into raw power when required. Dan, Wayne, James and Mark are all graduates of ANU Jazz Degree and currently work in multiple bands in the ACT and interstate. You will love the explosive energy and power of this fantastic band.

Show Times:
Friday 15 August 11.00-12.00pm Club Dubbo Basement
Saturday 16 August 5.00-6.00pm Club Dubbo Basement
Sunday 17 August 1.00-2.00pm Club Dubbo Basement

The Footwarmers

DJF 2014

Dubbo Legends

Steve Jewell – piano, Terry Tighe – tenor/soprano sax, John Pike – clarinet, Bruce Johnson -trumpet,  Stan Kenton -double bass and Ross Tighe on drums.

The Footwarmers Band was formed about 2003 to perform at Jazz Club functions and as a backup band at Festivals. It contained experienced musicians from various places and walks of life.

It was originally made up of Terry Tighe – tenor/soprano sax, John Pike – clarinet, Steve Jewell, Fred McGuiness & the late Maurie Fabrikant – piano, John Packham on banjo, Tony Buckley or George Gerontakos on double bass and Ross Tighe on drums. Neville Smith and Helen Fenton have also done vocals with them.

In recent times the band has had the pleasure of having the very talented Bruce Johnson join them on trumpet and also Stan Kenton on double bass.

Since formation they have performed at every Dubbo Festival up until 2012 and continue to perform at the Blackheath Jazz Festival each year.

They play jazz standards and mainstream jazz in a bright and foot tapping style, hence the name

Show Times:
Friday 15 August, 6.00-7.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement
Saturday 16 August, 1.00-2.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement


Great Western Plains Big Band

Greater Western Plains Big Band at Festival 2013

Members of GWPBB

Saxophones: Katherine Wilson, Corey Sutton, Courtney Hart, Taylee Swords, Barry Murray, Alex Caton, Steve Knight, Eugene Dunn, Rosemary Duncan, Eric Smith.
Trumpets: Jeff Neill , Tim Billiards, Alan Sloane Arney Megyer Daniel Caton, David Garrish Trombones: Steve Smith Anthony Chapman Tom Fiander Andrew Boog, Toby Butler .
Rhythm Section: Di Pascoe, Matt Davis, Allyn Smith, Greg Lange, Chris Cusack
Solo Vocalists: Allyn Smith, Gabe Dunn, Joe Gibb.
Backing Singers: Emma Harvey, Minnie Harvey, Libby McAneney.
Conductor: Paul Dunn .

Dubbo’s own professional big band is under the conductorship of Paul Dunn. They have performed frequently at the DRTCC with notables as James Morrison and Emma Pask. They are joined this year by an experienced rhythm section and solo vocalists such as Allyn Smith, fresh from his recent success in ‘Shout’ at the DRTCC. 2013 Dubbo Jazz Festival Big band concert on Facebook here

Show Time:
Saturday 16 August, 3.00-5.00pm, Dubbo Golf Club Auditorium

 Greg Poppleton & the Bakelite Broadcasters


Greg Poppleton & the Bakelite Broadcasters

Greg Poppleton – vocalist, Geoff Power – trumpet & sousaphone, Jim Elliot – alto sax & clarinet, Grahame Conlon – banjo, Ian Bloxsom – drums.

WHEN GREG POPPLETON SINGS, he instantly conjures up the Roaring 1920s and Swinging 1930s before your very eyes.The Bakelite Broadcasters are all swinging, specialist, world-touring vintage jazz musicians.

Regular 1920s band at Slide’s SELL-OUT Gin Mill Socials, Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters fill dance floors YouTube video Here

Show Times:
Saturday 16 August, 7.00-9.00pm, Golf Club Auditorium
Saturday 16 August, 10.00-12.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement

Jeff Duff Trio

Jeff Duff  in white

Jeff Duff

Jeff Duff – percussion, Glenn Rhodes – keyboard & keyboard bass, Jess Ciampa – drums, congas & percussion.
 Jeff Duff is a regular performer on Australian television and continues to headline some of Australia’s leading Jazz festivals including the Melbourne Jazz Festival, Manly Jazz Festival, Darling Harbour Jazz Festival, Casino Jazz, Thredbo Jazz Festival, Noosa Jazz Festival and NOW he makes his debut at the 24th DUBBO JAZZ FESTIVAL. Duff performs regularly at Sydney’s premier live music venues including the Basement & the Vanguard alternating shows between his different combos. More at home on stage than off, Duff is constantly creating new performance challenges. He juxtaposes his sophisticated style with his musicians and leaves you wanting more…. Watch YouTube Video here 

Show Time: Sunday 17 August, 8.00-12.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement

Kerry Ellen

Kerry Ellen

Kerry Ellen

In a career spanning two decades, Kerry Ellen has shared the stage with the who’s who of Australian country music, including the likes of Lee Kernaghan, Kasey Chambers, Sara Storer, Catherine Britt and others. Kerry’s moment of recognition came in the year 2000 when she was named a Grand Finalist in the prestigious Toyota Starmaker quest in Tamworth.
Many adventures and accolades have followed and Kerry continues to be a favourite on the local music scene in Western NSW, entertaining at pubs, clubs, private, corporate and
community events. With a huge repertoire of popular songs from all eras, Kerry delivers everything from country to classic rock to the latest hits with a rich and powerful voice
that makes people stop, listen and want to hear more.

Whether she’s belting it out like Barnsey… singing the blues Etta James-style… jazzing it up like Eva Cassidy… riding the disco diva train… or replicating the pure sound of Patsy Cline… the audience verdict is always the same. Kerry Ellen is a sensational vocalist, a seasoned professional and a sure-fi re hit with any music loving crowd.

Show Time: Saturday 16 August, 9.00-10.00pm, Club Dubbo Lounge

Macquarie River Mudflappers Blues Band

Dale Freeman, Mark Prentice , Justin Ayling

Dale, Mark, Justin

Justin Ayling – guitar, Mark Prentice – guitar, Dale Freeman – bass.
The Macquarie River Mudflappers is the latest musical venture for long time music collaborators, Justin Ayling and Mark Prentice. Justin and Mark first met through a mutual love of blues music in 1989 and have been playing together in a variety of combos since. Dale Freeman joined the duo in 2013, the combination of these 3 make for an exciting mix of roots music and world rhythms guaranteed to get you moving! The idea of revisiting the smaller trio came about through performances at Dubbos mind body and spirit festival, Since then Justin and Mark have developed their repertoire to include a wide range of blues and blues inspired music, this is the key to the sound of the Macquarie River Mudflappers sound – find the blues hook and exploit it to show the influence blues has over a wide range of music. Facebook Page here 

Show Times:
Friday 15 August 8-9pm Club Dubbo Lounge
Friday 15 August 10-11pm Pastoral Hotel
Saturday 16 August 6-7pm Club Dubbo Basement

Moochers Inc.

Moochers inc looking stylish

Moochers Inc.

Thomas Manley – clarinet & sax, Cameron Smith – trumpet, Thomas Manley – clarinet, John Gosling – trombone, David Abkiewick – sousaphone, Rafael Morris – guitar, Mark Levers – drums.   Moochers Inc.’s speciality is Dixlieland Jazz. Their slogan is ‘playing the music that your great grandparents made love to’. The band have appeared at Corinbark Festival, the National Fold Festival and most recently at the Merimbula Jazz Festival. YouTube Video here 

Show Times:
Saturday 16 August, 10.30-11.30am, Taronga Western Plains Zoo
Saturday 16 August, 2.00-3.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement
Saturday 17 August, 5.00-6.00pm, Dubbo Golf Club Auditorium
Sunday 17 August, 1.00-3.00pm, Pastoral Hotel balcony

 Rags & Riches

Black-white Rag Music

Black & White Rag

Jim Mills – piano, Mrs Erol Mills – washboard, Bruce Johnson – trumpet, Steve Parry – clarinet, David Cox – bass.  
Jim Mills has been a ragtime pianist for 50 years and has played at the Dubbo Jazz Festival many times previously and he is back this year by popular demand. His wife Erol plays the washboard and shares Jim’s love of ragtime. Dr Bruce Johnson is a virtuoso trumpet player who has played with all the all the greats of Australian Jazz. David Cox is a great bass player and top bloke. All members now live in the Blue Mountains, except for Dubbo local muso Steve Parry, a virtuoso clarinet player and popular guy around town.

Show Times:
Friday 15 August, 9.00-10.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement
Saturday 16 August, 7.00-8.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement
Sunday 17 August, 10.00-12.00am, Western Plains Cultural Centre
Sunday 17 August, 7.00-8.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement

 Steve Jewell Trio

Steve Jewell Trio

Steve Jewell Trio

Stephen Jewell – piano, George Gerontakis – bass, Greg McCain – drums.  The Steve Jewell Trio play mainstream jazz. They are regulars at the New Ivanhoe Hotel Balckheath and have been invited to play at the Moruya, Merimbula, Wagga Wagga and Blackheath Jazz festivals and have also recorded their own CD.

Show Times:
Friday 15 August, 10.00-11.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement
Saturday 16 August, 12.30-2.30, Lazy River Estate
Saturday 16 August, 8.00-9.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement
Sunday 17 August, 3.00-4.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement


The Double Shadows

The Double Shadows

The Double Shadows

Nes Caffey – vocalist, Cash Williams – drums, Benjamin Freeman – keyboard, Miles Sharma-Constance – bass, Dan Cohen – sax, James Mudd – flugel, Kim Griffin – trumpet.  One of the more interesting bands this year is THE DOUBLE SHADOWS – coming out from Sydney. The Psychedelic, Voodoo-Blues grooves of The Double Shadows will get your feet shuffling, your hips swaying, and your head rocking. Formed on the road, the band has since set its roots in the underside of a shadowy Sydney existence. Forget the guitars; it’s all about horns billowing out smooth grooves & head banging blasts, unconventional organ lines and a huge, growling voice at home somewhere between Tom Waits, Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse. Think Dr. John, Jack White, Captain Beefheart and you’ll have some idea of the flames that power this beastly seven-piece… The Double Shadows have previously played at the Perisher Peak Festival, Skyvillage Festival, Newtown Festival and the Brighton Up Bar in Sydney. YouTube video here

Show Times:
Friday 15 August, 11.00-12.00pm, Pastoral Hotel
Saturday, 16 August, 11.00-12.00pm, Dubbo Golf Club Auditorium

TraXion Big Band

Traxion Big Band moment

Traxion Big Band

  Jim McMullen – conductor, Carla Ward – trumpet, Emma Tracey-Patte – trumpet, Adam Tracey-Patte – sax, Lucy Ridge – trumpet, Scott Temby – trumpet, Rebecca Temby – trombone, Aleisha Ricketts – trumpet, Lachlan Smith – sax ,Ryan Drum – sax, Chris Ronan – sax, Brad Luttrell – sax, Ilana Davies – sax, Danielle Johnson-Davey – sax, Elise Vellnagel – sax, Sabrina Moir – trombone, Jack Fox – trombone, Matthew Ricketts – trombone, Dominic Weiller – trombone, Grant Rutups – guitar, Petra Mossop – bass , Hayden Fritzlaff – drums, Lucy Ridge – vocalist, Jason Henderson – bass, Caleb Fryar – sax.   TraXion Big Band has a classic big band combination of trumpets, trombones, saxophones and rhythm section. There are more than 20 band members comprised of highly talented young musicians from the Canberra region with several band members studying at the ANU School Of Music. TraXion performs a range of traditional and contemporary jazz big band charts and has just returned from the Merimbula Jazz Festival where they performed to great acclaim. TraXion is shaped musically by the accomplished conductor Jim McMullen. YouTube Video here

Show Times:
Saturday 16 August, 11.30-12.30am, Taronga Western Plains Zoo
Saturday 16 August, 10.00-11.00pm, Golf Club Auditorium
Sunday 17 August, 11.30-12.30am, Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Turner’s Antidote 

Turners Antidote

Turner’s Antidote

Richard Manning – guitar, Peter Henderson – sax, Matthew Ricketts – trombone, Leisa Keen – keyboards, Scott Temby – bass, Bruce Smythe – drums, Mark Du Rieu – trumpet & fluegal.   Turners Antidote is formed from members of some of Canberra’s top professional and semi-professional bands, to perform at jazz festivals up and down the NSW South Coast. Turners plays a blend of New Orleans and harder edged Chicago style funk, along with some modern classics – with a big dose of jazzy stuff. TA will get the toes a tapping, and the feet moving!

While Turners has had a floating membership over their 8 years of performing, the current lineup is considered the best yet, with great solos from Mark Du Rieu (aka Maynard) on trumpet and fluegel, and Matt “Slide” Ricketts on trombone. Then there is the solid back beat of Stix Smyth (aka The Doctor of Beat) mixing seamlessly on the one with Thunderthumbs Temby on the 5 string bass (yes, one more than most bass players can count to).
The founders of the band, Frets Manning and Tenor Madness (aka Senorhondo) always make themselves look good by playing with really good players! Thanks everyone! Mind you, not every band has a Jaws Harp solo in a jazz setting. Amazing. Leisa “Songbird” Keen’s vocals and ten fingers on the keys is the icing on a solid cake of jazz and funk. She is the one everyone listens to!
But seriously, Turners has a highly pedigreed group of musos, with experience raining from the Band of the Royal Military College, to a couple of seasoned ANU Jazz School of Music graduates, to experience touring in the backing band with the Drifters and Freddie and the Dreamers.”

Show Times:
Saturday 16 August, 3.00-4.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement
Saturday 16 August, 9.00-10.00pm, Golf Club Auditorium
Sunday 17 August, 2.00-3.00pm, Club Dubbo Basement  

Wayne Kelly Trio 

Wayne Kelly Trio

Wayne Kelly Trio

Wayne Kelly – piano, James Luke – double bass, Mark Sutton – drums.  Wayne is a uniquely talented Australian jazz pianist. He has been a professional musician for over 16 years and has played with many notable musicians including Wynton M arsalis, James Morrison, Dale Barlow, Andrew Speight and Don Burrows, to name a few. Wayne’s diversity has found him touring with Judith Durham (Seekers) and sailing the high seas with P&O spending two years performing in China. Wayne performs at festivals around Australia including Manly, Thredbo, Adelaide and Canberra Jazz festivals. Wayne has a Bachelor of Music and a Graduate Diploma in jazz studies, both from the Australian National University. The Wayne Kelly Trio with James Luke on Double Bass and Mark Sutton on drums have recently released an instrumental jazz CD.

Show Times:
Saturday 16 August 4.00-5.00 Club Dubbo Basement
Sunday 17 August 12.00-1.00pm Club Dubbo Basement

The Beat Goes On!
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