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Welcome to The Dubbo Jazz Website and Club House where you find out what is going on at Dubbo Jazz around, during and between festivals . Each section of this part of our website tells you some thing about our organisation its past and present and maybe its future.

We are currently celebrating our 25th year in Jazz in Dubbo!



Here is our current News section, snippets of what’s happening now






Here where you can find out about what is on offer for 2015




Steve Jewell Trio


Here is where you will find about our past  Festivals.








Here is our virtual club house with more info about our Club.





If you haven’t seen it before make sure you watch the extraordinary short movie called Country Jazz, documenting Dubbo and the 1970 Australian Jazz Convention. Watch it here.

Also don’t forget to read our history and look at our Honour Role of past and present supporters of Dubbo Jazz.

And if you haven’t already why not join our Club here to support Jazz in the Dubbo region.

You can find our objectives here.

Yours in Jazz.


The Beat Goes On!
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